Our expertise is punctuated with a "history of firsts" that have set new standards, sparked industry trends, and opened new markets.

When we approach a project, we view it from a place of curiosity and creativity. Where lies its potential? Who will benefit from it? How can we contribute something unique or different? This method of thinking enables us to explore uncharted territory, enter new areas of growth, and tackle projects that others deem insurmountable. At CRC we never shy away from a challenge, because to us that equals possibility. And the results of this mindset have produced some of the work we are most proud of.

Values in Action //

Creating a "New Normal" for Wounded Warriors
Our Wounded Warrior Home Project at Fort Belvoir is bringing new meaning to the word "accessible". We worked with the US Army, Michael Graves & Associates, IDEO, and numerous other stakeholders to drastically improve quality of life for the increasing number of Wounded Warriors returning to active duty. This project functions as a model for new accessible homes nationwide and spurs a national dialogue about the importance of serving those who have served us. 

We were so impressed with [CRC’s] relentless pursuit to put the Wounded Warrior and their needs first in every step of this process.
— Altay Sendil, IDEO Designer and Project Lead

Representative Work //