Every project that bears our signature is a result of an unwavering commitment to responsible development. Whether preserving historical resources, respecting the cultural heritage of surrounding areas, or employing advanced methods of sustainable design, CRC creates developments of enduring quality.

A development is comprised of much more than the immediate land it sits on. We take pride in studying and understanding the contextual surroundings, history, and heartbeat of our communities. In fact, our approach to conservation is progressive and takes on many forms, from energy efficiency to historic and ecological preservation. Our team looks beyond current trends to drive adoption of renewable energy, take care of our natural resources, and repurpose some of the most challenging historic structures within a new modern design. The results of our commitment to developing responsibly can be seen in each and every one of our endeavors. 

Values in Action //

Reinvesting in Community Responsibility
Across our decade-long involvement at Columbia Heights Village we have worked with our non-profit stakeholder and in partnership with our residents to improve quality of life through community-based social programs covering education, healthcare, family and child services, and crisis intervention and referral. Most recently, we partnered with our energy team to complete on-site renewable energy initiatives such as a 20-kilowatt rooftop solar photovoltaic installation and retrofits to existing water and lighting systems. Coupled with resident education to encourage conservation, these measures result in annual water savings of 24 million gallons and annual electricity savings of 100,000 kWh, the approximate of planting 8,000 trees or avoiding consumption of 8,000 gallons of gasoline. Even better? Our efforts are re-investing annual savings of more than $228,000 back into the community for capital improvements and enhanced resident programming.

I think that’s what this partnership is all about...people working together to accomplish common goals to make everyone’s life better.
— John Shanley, HUD Director of Multifamily Housing

Representative Work //