At CRC Companies, we seek out highly motivated individuals who make things happen. People who tackle seemingly impossible challenges with intellect, finesse, and compassion for others. And who like to have a bit of fun while they do it. 

A Place to Make Your Mark
Our people see purpose beyond the built environment, creating value – and improving lives – through superior execution, innovative operations, and a passion for creating positive change in communities. 

In everything we do, we infuse creativity and imagination. We bring together the best minds we can find, and throw all the ideas against the wall. Even the crazy ones.
— Cleve Johnson

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The Big Five
Keep it simple. Promote teamwork. Face reality. Push boundaries. Have fun. No matter the company or initiative, these five guiding principles started on a napkin 25 years ago and continue to inform everything we do.

Those five core company values are really what its like to doing business here. They’re not just things we pay lip service to or are on some poster in the lobby. These are the values that guide the work we do here every day.
— Bryon Krug

A True Meritocracy
At CRC, the only limit to success is yourself. We're privately held, and our family of companies enjoys a long history of merit-based leadership. So, whether you're fresh out of school or a seasoned professional with a storied career, if your idea is a great one worth exploring, it will bubble to the top here.

The most surprising, but exciting, thing is how much responsibility and trust CRC has in its own employees. If someone says they can take it on, the people here are going to give them the opportunity to succeed in that task or that project. It allows people to really grow their professional career in a way that isn’t possible at many other places.
— Oliver Lee

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A Culture of Constant Innovation
Our people are lifelong learners and unafraid to take risks, so it's no surprise that innovation permeates everything we do. We're constantly applying lessons learned from other industries to offer our end users a better experience and change the future of tangible assets.

We’ve given ourselves a mandate to include something that has never been done before in every project we build. We look at our entire portfolio as a lab where we have the opportunity to experiment with technologies, trends, and building innovations to stay at the forefront of this industry.
— Tracey Thomm

A Thirst for Learning
When it comes to providing the mentoring, training, and professional development opportunities our people need to realize their full potential, CRC offers a wide range of programs and experiences to help our employees grow throughout every stage of their career. 

In switching careers mid-way through pursuing my MBA, one of my biggest concerns was ‘will my future employer let me complete my coursework?’. Not only did CRC support me, but actively encouraged me to share what I was learning with my colleagues; I think I learned more in some of those half-hour discussions over lunch than I ever would have in the classroom.
— Erik Roberson


A Commitment to Philanthropy
At CRC, we are dedicated to bettering the communities and neighborhoods in which we live and work. Our 501(c)(3) public charity, CRC CARES, supports a varied array of worthwhile causes through charitable grants and volunteerism. The foundation has donated nearly $4.7 million to more than 400 deserving organizations to date.

The opportunity to engage our employees, offices, and industry partners to raise awareness and resources for so many amazing groups has been truly rewarding. CRC CARES is making a real impact on both the local and national level.
— Veronica Natividad

An Emphasis on People
Whether it's our employees, our community members, or our residents, CRC puts people first. We started our CRC[X] initiative for just that reason; a focus on the consumer experience across our nationwide portfolio to bring the best level of service to those who call a CRC community "home".

We’re all shaped by our experiences - they’re the one thing that we take with us, everyday, everywhere we go. There’s a big opportunity here to impact lives through the stewardship of those experiences. Down to the last detail, CRC absolutely walks-the-walk when it comes to human-centricity.
— Megan Dougherty

A Company that Values Fun
To us, having fun means enjoying what you do and the people you do it with, immersing yourself completely in a project, or taking the time to learn a skill you've always wanted to master. It also means dinner clubs and intramural sports, or battling it out in highly competitive ten-key tournaments and office mini golf. Our culture fosters personal connections and camaraderie that takes our work to the next level. 

Someone much wiser than me once said, ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’ Though I love the Real Estate business itself, working with our team of gifted, curious, and passionate individuals makes each day at CRC a truly special experience.
— John Dameron