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Services Offered //

  • Product development vision, concepts, and strategy
  • Design team solicitation, evaluation, and contract negotiation
  • Land planning, massing, density, market, and budget analyses
  • Design oversight during approvals/entitlements
  • Disciplined and rigorous consultant oversight/coordination
  • Iterative and frequent value engineering 
  • Quality, cost, and schedule control
  • Field management, submittals, punch-out, and close-out
  • Design, procurement, and execution of model FFE
  • Oversight of project brand and marketing execution
  • Lease-up strategy and personnel selection
  • Ongoing research and development efforts

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Product Development

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Representative Work // 

Testimonials //

We were so impressed with CRC’s relentless pursuit to put the Wounded Warrior and their needs first in every step of this process. They were a great match for our human-centered design approach to the challenge of designing homes that are functional, accessible, and desirable for anyone.
— Altay Sendil, IDEO Designer and Project Lead on the Wounded Warrior House
Our home truly feels like a home... I would highly recommend Harbor Bay at MacDill to any families that want all the same experiences that my family has had!
— Andrea T. Berggren, Resident and SSGT, US Air Force
[Our service members] work awfully hard for us and for the American citizens and so we want to try and return that favor. CRC is basically putting that at the forefront of their mind as they make their decisions, about what the finishings, what the project footprint, what the units look like, so that they do reach that goal.
— Jerry Dunaway, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest

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