From the creation of affordable housing where none previously existed to the large-scale improvements of inner city neighborhoods and military housing communities, CRC's developments have sparked positive change across the country and around the world.

We believe passionately that what lies at the center of effective development is the human experience. Taking into account the end user, we study how our work will influence our residents, visitors, and the community at large. What connections can we create? What bonds can we strengthen? How can we meet our occupants' highest-level needs while keeping in mind their most basic? Our people are joined across all of our disciplines by a passion for improving lives and finding solutions for unmet social challenges, sharing knowledge and best practices that create holistic and enduring places in communities near and far.

Values in Action //

Unmatched Opportunities for Honduras's Working Class
Our team pioneered a new financing model at Los Castaños de Choloma that allows working families the opportunity to own an affordable, high-quality home with basic services – like potable water, electricity, and sanitation – for the first time. With private capital and debt raised from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), Los Castaños offers unmatched homeownership opportunities to families earning from 1x to 3x the minimum wage, or between $300 and $900 USD per month. Complete with private infrastructure and common amenities, a school serving more than 500 children, and enhanced security, Los Castaños represents an important step toward breaking the inter-generational poverty cycle and improving living conditions for Honduras’ working poor. What’s more, the initiative has created hundreds of local jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals and small businesses. 

This project presents a unique structure that is both economically viable and developmental.
— Robert Mosbacher, Jr., President and CEO of OPIC

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