Hubbard Place Apartments / by Stephanie Amateis

Washington, DC
Reduction of Annual Water, Electricity, and Gas Consumption

A Closer Look //
Supporting Resident Needs through Energy Savings

In 2012, our energy team was contracted for an energy and water saving renovation project at the historic Hubbard Place Apartments in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The nine-story mid-rise building is home to 230 residential apartment units, 100% of which qualify for HUD Section 8 rental assistance, as well as three distinct retail/office spaces.

With particular attention to the building’s historic constraints, CEG retrofitted water fixtures, replaced the primary inefficient hot water boiler, retrofitted lights, and installed lighting controls to reduce consumption while lowering maintenance costs and improving resident satisfaction and security.

In total, utility conservation measures at Hubbard Place are expected to result in annual savings of over five million gallons of water, 15,500 therms of natural gas, and 56,000 kWh of electricity. The expected annual energy savings yield the equivalent environmental impact of planting nearly 3,000 trees or avoiding the consumption of nearly 13,000 gallons of gasoline. Our team’s energy and water measures are expected to result in over $80,000 in savings for Hubbard’s utility bills, with a portion of the savings going to Resident Services Programs that directly support the needs of the building’s residents.