Ten at Clarendon Integrated Ad Campaign

With thoughtful copy and a color palette eye-catching in its minimalism, the Ten’s integrated advertising campaign conveys messages simply and beautifully. Developed for the building’s target demographic - a sophisticated, on-the-go, and social millennial - the Ten engages across multiple digital platforms to both excite prospects and inform residents.

Organic and paid search, social media, email advertising, and online advertising cohesively achieve four goals: improve brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately capture leases.

The Ten takes full advantage of Google AdWords, a crucial factor in industry success to capture prospects high on the sales funnel and drive them to the website to learn more.

The Ten utilizes creative and engaging copy to connect socially on Facebook and Instagram – two social media favorites among their target audience. Highlighting unique features, special amenities, and sharing community news is informative to both residents and prospects.

MailChimp is routinely used to stay at the forefront of prospects’ minds and drive them to the website by sharing leasing specials and promoting events.

In the multifamily real estate market, strategically positioning a property on Internet Listing Services (ILS) is advantageous. The Ten advertises across more than 80 ILS's including popular sites such as Apartments.com.

An engaged Clarendon community member, the Ten takes advantage of advertising opportunities with prevalent local online publications. 

The integrated advertising campaign consistently accounts for more than 60% of website traffic. Web traffic is one of the Ten’s top-performing lead-to-lease sources and achieved at least $260,000 of revenue over the past 6 months. 

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Sept 2017 - 2018-01-33 -V1 - LTL.jpg

Paid and Organic Search

Attracting lease leads and raising brand awareness, the Ten’s search engine marketing  strategy competes and converts in well-funded, multi-player auctions. Maximized keyword scope and eye-catching copy tailored to the brand’s target demographics contribute to the successful click-through-rate, impression count, and clicks. With click-through rates on par with industry benchmarks and about 30,000 impressions per month, Google search plays a huge role in driving website traffic.


Facebook and Instagram

Facilitating Instagram contests contributes to nearly all residents following the Ten on the platform. Frequent Facebook and Instagram posts speaking to the many apartment events and local happenings drive traffic and engagement while specially selected images visualize the community’s ethos and augment the digitally emitted aura. Reaching 8,400 combined viewers and accounting for 200 TenAtClarendon.com website sessions in the past month alone, the Ten's social presence serves as an integral advertising component.



Email Advertising

With blasts sent bimonthly, the Ten’s MailChimp usage drives prospects and residents into the building’s front doors, inviting them to signature events or enticing them with leasing specials. Additionally, the Ten’s emails yield open and click rates far above the industry average, with open rates averaging between 40 and 60 percent compared to the industry’s average of 15 percent. The marketing team adapts branded templates, making each blast unique and captivating through the combination of campaign-specific graphics, images, and copy. 


ILS Online Advertising

Carefully curated photo galleries on each ILS drive traffic to the Ten, online, and on-foot. Some listings even feature exclusive 3D virtual tours that give prospects an even deeper insight into the apartments. By analyzing web traffic and phone call data, the team determined the optimal time at which to update the ILS listings so that the Ten would appear at the top of these platforms’ search results, when the highest volume of prospects are looking.

Local Advertising

In both horizontal and vertical formats, ads offer leasing specials and exclusive promotions and direct attention to the Ten's website.The Ten also was the first client ever to advertise on local startup Sprynt, an on-demand ride-sharing platform in which patrons hail lifts in the neighborhood for free, with tablets in front of each seat displaying engaging digital ads. With over 3,500 unique monthly riders, the Ten ad successfully garnered brand recognition within its Arlington market and target demographic. In just two months, over 1,000 Sprynt customers clicked the ad which directly resulted in at least one lease, valued at $42,000.

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