Woodlawn Village Neighborhood Center / by Stephanie Amateis

Fort Bevloir, VA
8,000-SF LEED® Gold Community Center at Fort Belvoir

A Closer Look //

The Woodlawn Village Neighborhood Center is the fifth of five neighborhood centers built at Fort Belvoir, VA as part of the Residential Communities Initiative public-private partnership with the U.S. Army.  The neighborhood center is an amenity building constructed in the center of the existing Woodlawn Village neighborhood, which consists of 338 recently renovated homes.  The original design for the neighborhood center aimed to earn LEED® Silver Certification, but holistic planning and communication throughout the design process allowed the Woodlawn Village Neighborhood Center to achieve LEED Gold by including additional green building practices such as recycling, reusing, or otherwise diverting from a landfill over 90% of construction waste.  The center achieves 29% reduction in energy as compared to standard energy performance.  In addition to its green features, the Woodlawn Village Neighborhood Center boasts amenities such as an outdoor pool, fitness room, and community room.

Once again, our partners have delivered a building that not only improves the quality of life for Soldiers and their families but also shows Fort Belvoir’s commitment to the environment. Additionally, the building is both beautiful and functional; its spaces are well designed to meet the needs of our families.
— Col. John J. Strycula, Fort Belvoir

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