Monterey Bay Military Housing / by Stephanie Amateis

Monterey, CA
2,580 Homes for Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Service Members and Students

A Closer Look //

Monterey Bay Military Housing is a partnership with the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy to develop, renovate, and construct military family housing communities for the Presidio of Monterey (POM) and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The development, with locations at the Ord Military Community on the former Fort Ord and La Mesa Village in Monterey, consists of approximately 2,400 existing, renovated, and new houses along with multiple clubhouses, ball fields, and recreation centers with indoor pools.  The housing and amenities serve the 4,000-plus local population of service members and their families assigned to POM and NPS.

This is the first-ever joint Army and Navy public-private partnership and the only one in the country...We celebrate the great successes of this historic partnership with our private partner... and the military families who will benefit from this good work.
— William A. Armbruster, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Privatization and Partnerships, Department of the Army
We have worked together tremendously and couldn’t have asked more of the partners that we have.
— GSM Jackie Moore, Family Housing, Monterey Bay, CA
These modern homes are the result of a cutting edge public-private partnership... By leveraging the value of this land to underwrite private investment, the Army and Navy are able to provide critical housing for our local military families...I encourage FORA and all our local governments to use similar techniques to spur the creation of affordable housing.
— Sam Farr, Congressman, California

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