At CRC Companies, we seek out highly motivated individuals who make things happen. People who tackle seemingly impossible challenges with intellect, finesse, and compassion for others. And who like to have a bit of fun while they do it. 

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Our people see purpose beyond the built environment, creating value – and improving lives – through superior execution, innovative operations, and a passion for creating positive change in communities. 

This is a place where you can do almost anything you want. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want.



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CRC is unique in that we are not a real estate company—we just happen to produce great real estate. We are a company that is about lifestyle and freedom and choices for both the customers that we serve but also the employees that we work with.

We also focus on a lot of R&D and it’s a unique attribute to CRC in that we have a mandate to do R&D. In fact, our mandate is to have every single project that we build have something that has never been done before. That experiment can be a $10,000 experiment or a $1 million experiment but the fact of the matter is we don’t want to repeat things over and over. We want to make sure we look at our entire portfolio of thousands and thousands of units as a lab. We have a unique opportunity to experiment everyday with technologies, trends, and building innovations to try to be on top of this industry.
— Tracey Thomm
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not family-owned 

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The most surprising, but exciting, thing [about working at CRC] is how much responsibility and how much trust the company has in its own employees. If someone says they can take it on, the people here are going to give them the opportunity to succeed in that task or that project. It allows people to really grow their professional career in a way that isn’t possible at many other places.
— Oliver Lee
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There are all sorts of little opportunities to have fun. Our open bullpen allows you to overhear conversations, so it’s very easy for a serious conversation to transition to something fun and humorous, and that’s how you build relationships.
— Bereket Selassie
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I would describe people at CRC as definitely hard-working, definitely smart but also driven. They’re renaissance. They’re good at a bunch of different things. They’re good at thinking outside the box and they’re a lot of fun to work with.
— Erin Martin


We’re rethinking how people live. 

We believe passionately that what lies at the center of effective design and development is the human experience. Whether addressing the needs of Wounded Warriors, active adults, or millennials, our people possess the talent, skill, and resources to rethink the consumer experience from conception to completion. What's more, our structure provides both the autonomy and the support to foster real difference makers across the globe.


Our heroes make it their mission to protect our country. We made it our mission to improve their quality of life when they return home. In doing so, we sparked national dialogue on the importance of effectively meeting the needs of our wounded veterans.


"Instead of trying to make incremental changes, we threw the plans out the window and started from scratch."

— Casey Nolan


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Our purpose-driven real estate solutions have ignited powerful, self-sustaining economic engines in communities across the globe. In San Diego, for example, we helped promote a 48% increase in GDP over a ten-year period with large-scale reuse of federally owned land for private sector development of military housing. Our partnership with the Navy has invested $1.4 billion into the local economy through redevelopment of 27 million SF of residential, retail, infrastructure, and associated amenities. Our commitment to the city’s economic growth is evidenced in the more than 10,000 jobs created to date and the award of more than $800 million of work to small and local businesses. 

Our impact extends beyond the program’s economic potency, though. We’ve helped meet our public partner’s goals for better retention and higher operational efficiency, and we’ve improved quality of life for 85,000 people in this oceanfront community. 



Great ideas are one thing, but acting on them is another. We believed that to improve the lives of our residents at our team’s award-winning homes at Joint Base Andrews we would have to go beyond the home and into the classroom. Our action? We brought Imagine Andrews, a premier charter school, right on base to give children of both military and civilian families a truly first-class learning experience.

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With the responsibility of creating an enduring legacy, we approach each signature building with an uncompromising commitment to iconic architecture and lasting design. We are proud to have a hand in shaping a city’s horizons, from repositioning an iconic Chicago skyscraper to redefining the skyline of Philadelphia with the first new residential highrise in a generation. 


Our vision of success is to be considered by our neighbors as a member of their community. We look for unique opportunities that allow us to improve cities not just through real estate – but through our time, strategic partnerships, and charitable contributions.

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"Our products are supposed to help you live better, work better, eat better, feel better. The way that we do that is we look at what is happening in our users' lives, and not just as it relates to real estate, but what's happening in their lives. We're trying not to just deliver a place for you to sleep and eat in, but we're looking for a place that allows you to live the best lives that you can."

— Oliver Lee