At CRC Companies, we seek out highly motivated individuals who make things happen. People who tackle seemingly impossible challenges with intellect, finesse, and compassion for others. And who like to have a bit of fun while they do it. 

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A Place to Make Your Mark // 

Our people see purpose beyond the built environment, creating value – and improving lives – through superior execution, innovative operations, and a passion for creating positive change in communities. 

This is a place where you can do almost anything you want. It’s just a matter of knowing what you want.


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The Big Five //

Our five corporate values are: keep it simple, promote teamwork, face reality, push boundaries, and have fun. No matter the company or initiative, these five guiding principles inform everything we do.

In everything we do, we infuse creativity and imagination. We bring together the best minds we can find, and throw all the ideas against the wall. Even the crazy ones. 


A True Meritocracy // 

At CRC, the only limit to success is yourself. We're privately held, and our team of directors directors have risen through our ranks, building both great projects and people along the way. So, whether you're a 22-year-old fresh out of school or a seasoned pro with a storied career, if you're idea is a great one worth exploring, it will bubble to the top here. 

The most surprising, but exciting, thing [about working at CRC] is how much responsibility and how much trust the company has in its own employees. If someone says they can take it on, the people here are going to give them the opportunity to succeed in that task or that project. It allows people to really grow their professional career in a way that isn't possible at many other places.


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A Culture of Constant Innovation //

Our people are lifelong learners and unafraid to take risks, so it's no surprise that innovation permeates everything we do. Whether it's working with world-renown architects to create better housing for our veterans or testing out a cruise-ship-style bathroom in an urban format apartment, we're constantly looking for ways to offer our end-users a better experience. 

We have a mandate to include something that has never been done before in every project we build. That experiment can be a $10,000 experiment or a $1 million experiment. We want to make sure we look at our entire portfolio of thousands and thousands of units as a lab. We have a unique opportunity to experiment everyday with technologies, trends, and building innovations to try to be on top of this industry.


A Thirst for Learning // 

When it comes to providing the mentoring, training, and professional development opportunities our people need to realize their full potential,  CRC offers a wide range of programs and experiences to help our employees grow throughout every stage of their career. We believe in our people and want them to succeed. After all, great people make for a great company.  

Throughout the year, CRC offers graduate-level continuing education workshops designed to cover important industry topics and encourage new ideas, discussion, and information- sharing among experienced team members. CRC also supports the continuing professional and development of its employees by encouraging enrollment in formal course of study and providing tuition reimbursement.

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A Commitment to Philanthropy //

At CRC, we are dedicated to bettering the communities and neighborhoods in which we live in work, which is why we established the CRC CARES Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. 

The CRC CARES Foundation supports a varied array of worthwhile organizations through donations of time and resources in the form of charitable grants and volunteerism. To-date, the CRC CARES Foundation has donated nearly $4 million, reaching out and providing grants to more than 400 well-deserving charitable organizations across the nation and worldwide. 

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A Company Where Fun is Valued //

When you come to work at CRC, we want you to have fun, both in at out of the office. So much so that we made it one of our five company values. Having fun can mean enjoying the work you do and the people you do it with, immersing yourself so deep in a project you lose track of time, or taking the time to learn a skill you've always wanted to master. But we also make sure to have a little fun outside of your work, which is why we have a Director of Culture dedicated to just that. From our quarterly dinner club to our intramural sports teams to our annual ten key competition to our monthly office bar cart, we think that when we know our coworkers as the people, we're all better teammates. 

There are all sorts of little opportunities to have fun. Our open bullpen allows you to overhear conversations, so it's very easy for a serious conversation to transition to something fun and humorous, and that's how you build relationships.


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